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Thanks for visiting blog.destephen.com. I consider myself a technology enthusiast as I enjoy just about everything relating to technology. You will likely find this out if you read through this site.

Who is Ben DeStephen?

While I think it would be fun to devote more time to lab efforts and blogging, I do have a day job as a Solution Architect focusing on Cisco Collaboration.  Residing in Columbus, Ohio, I have an amazing family that includes my wife with her unlimited support and my kids with their uncanny ability to always make me laugh.

I have been hooked on technology for almost as long as I can remember.  My parents purchased our family’s first computer – a white box 486-66DX (+1 for the math co-processor!) when I was at home.  At that time, gaming drove the desire for technology.  Wolfenstien 3D, Doom, etc.  I also learned about upgrading the desktops hardware and software during this time.  In high school and college, I worked at local PC repair shops as well as building PC’s for friends and family members.  I also got my first experience with networking and I was hooked.  After college, working with the network and server infrastructure lead me to a role supporting Cisco’s Call Manager Unified Communications Manager.  This lead me into the Unified Communications field that I enjoy today.

Why a blog?

There are several purposes for this site. To put it simply, I enjoy sharing my passion for technology.  I also enjoy seeing and discussing others’ enjoyment of technology as well. This sharing is why this sites’ topics will often be all over the place.  The topics will come from my professional and lab experiences.  If I find something interesting, I have good intentions to write about it.  As you will see from post quantities, I tend to get busy with life from time to time. I will also post technical bits information on this site to provide a simple location to find things that I use periodically, but don’t care to commit to memory.  I am a nerd – not an English major, so my grammer may not always be proper.

Other Thoughts

Feel free to leave comments, questions, or encouragements throughout the site and I will attempt to reply where I can.

I am on Twitter @bendestephen.  Feel free to contact me!

I was surprised that destephen.com was not taken as a domain name when I picked it up. I have had the domain since 2007 or so and is hosted on my own equipment.

I also enjoy many things outside of technology as well including auto’s, fishing, and photography. I do have a great family that provides amazing support and motivation. My wife certainly does put up with quite a bit. 🙂

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    Stumbled on your blog today while looking around the internet for some vt100 info. Some interesting stuff if your on tumblr let me know rezand.tumblr.com


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