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Cisco Push Notifications for iOS and Jabber

With the recent release of Cisco UC products, an additional feature has been delivered.  Jabber messages, both internal and Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) connected, can now be delivered through Apples cloud-based Push Notification Service.  While this may not peak everyones interest, it is a prelude to enabling the same functionality for other communication channels.

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Upgrade to Expressway 8.8.1 Breaks MRA

After completing an upgrade to Expressway 8.8.1, it was noticed that Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) suddenly stopped working.  After some searching and log files, it was found to be a DNS PTR record issue.  The  implemented “feature” that required the Expressway-E DNS PTR resolution had only been implemented as a requirement in version 8.8.1.

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Adding an Existing Certificate to Cisco Expressway Edge

I currently have a certificate that provides the HTTPS functionality for this website as well as my web mail access.  As there is the capability to add Subject Alternate Names (SAN) to the certificate, it was ideal to enable the existing godaddy.com certificate for the Cisco Expressway Edge server.  The requirements with Cisco’s Expressway server is that a private key decryption password is not allowed, and my private key requires a password.
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