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Adding an Existing Certificate to Cisco Expressway Edge

I currently have a certificate that provides the HTTPS functionality for this website as well as my web mail access.  As there is the capability to add Subject Alternate Names (SAN) to the certificate, it was ideal to enable the existing godaddy.com certificate for the Cisco Expressway Edge server.  The requirements with Cisco’s Expressway server is that a private key decryption password is not allowed, and my private key requires a password.
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Adding a Signed SSL Certificate to Apache in Ubuntu

Initially this blog was setup with https using a self signed certificate.  I did always intend on updating the certificate with a “real” certificate to avoid web browsing errors.  This certificate would also need to handle other sites/services at destephen.com.  This is my first effort at  installing certificates that needed to be recognized on everyones browsers.

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