Where did the last few months go???

Wow, the last few months have proven to be quite time consuming.  When I wasn’t working, I have been spending time with the family.  I do plan on putting some content up on the site soon.  Hopefully I can fit some blogging time in as we start off with 2013.

One of the big things that I want to update is my self signed certificate.  I do plan on purchasing a certificate for this site as there are other services I would like to have a proper certificate for such as Exchange OWA.

As far as near future content, I have been wanting to dive into my environment that was built for my lab.  This will include a custom OpenFiler system as well as a custom ESXi host.

While I do have other thoughts, this blog will serve as a dumping ground for technical things that I run across during my adventures.  Feel free to leave comments throughout the site and see the About Me page for more details!

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