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Cisco CUCM DRS Backup Failure with OpenSSH

With the release of OpenSSH v6.7, weaker ciphers have been disabled.  Cisco CUCM has not updated the weaker ciphers used within CUCM as of v11.  This causes issues with backups to the OpenSSH versions in the latest distributions.  This post walks through the identification of the issue and the correction used in the CollabBackups appliance.

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Cisco Unified Communications Licensing Install and Rehost

I currently have some UC 10.x and 11.x licensing that is purchased and used for demonstrations.  With the recent purchase of the 11.x licenses, a Prime License Manager (PLM) server was stood up to manage the multiple clusters using multiple versions of the CUCM platform. This post walks through the process of standing up a stand-alone PLM server, pulling licenses from the Cisco licensing website, and the rehosting of licenses from a legacy license manager.

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Voip.ms and Cisco CUBE Configuration

Working with voip.ms for the first time was pretty straightforward. I liked the $.99/mo DID with a pay per minute session that allowed simultaneous connections across my lab SIP trunk.  After adding some funds, it appeared that their wiki page’s configuration was not working properly.  I imagine it would be a common problem, so below is the debug message that took me down the path for a successful 200 OK SIP connection as well as the correct sip-ua configuration.
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