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Ubuntu Windows Shares Mounting with Active Directory

There are many posts out there showing the process to modify the /etc/fstab file to include mounting a CIFS share to a Windows based system.  The base Ubuntu Wiki does a great job, however this post is a quick tip for the .smbcredentials file to pass along the domain name to my Openfiler shares.

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Multipurpose White Box NAS – ESXi + Personal File Storage

The storage that is running blog.destephen.com is a product of several iterations of lab Network Attached Storage (NAS) setups.  What it developed into today allows storage and playback of 1080i home videos, bulk storage of personal files, as well as running 30+ VM’s on a daily basis.  This post, while long, walks through the some features and through processes along the way of designing the 21 disk, 25 TB system.

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