XBMC Media Source Location

While working with the Raspbmc, I was testing various SMB and UPNP file shares through the XBMC Control Center.  After adding a few locations, some of them containing failed references, the configuration within the on screen menus was beginning to look sloppy.  I was also curious where my entered credentials were being stored.

Ideally I wanted a clean integration where I was able to write any metadata as needed.  CIFS mounting to my OpenFiler system to a /media/storage location was the route chosen.  After configuring a .smbcredentials file, /etc/fstab needed the mount location edited.  Don’t forget to chown root and chmod 600 your .smbcredentials file!  Raspbmc already had the cifs packages installed and it connected right up.

Now to the cleaning up part. For Linux, XMBC wrote configuration files within the default login’s directory of /home/pi.  Within the home directory, the configuration files are located in .xbmc/userdata.  There are two files that needed cleaned up due to how I entered the shares: sources.xml and mediasources.xml.  The screenshot below shows how the data is entered.

XBMC Password Storage

2 thoughts on “XBMC Media Source Location

    1. ben Post author

      SMB has been rock solid going into OpenFiler for me. I did create the share from the OS and not within the XMBC application. Glad NFS worked well as an alternative solution!


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