Slow Internet Speeds

I had been experiencing slower than usual downloads over Time Warner’s network and it had become unbearable when I could no longer support a G711 call.  For once though, it was not Time Warner’s fault.

With my current bandwidth, I should be able achieve 30 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream.

Using the Time Warner on net bandwidth tester, I would be lucky to break 16Mbps downstream.

Time Warner Speed Test

Time Warner Speed Test

The traditional ookla speed tester was even absolutely pathetic. Speed Test



While attempting to have Time Warner re-flash my Cisco DPC3000, it was found that the cable modem was not connecting with the provisioned channels.  The Cisco DPC3000 supports a 4×4 channel setup: 4 channels downstream and 4 channels upstream.  These details are able to be seen within the cable modems web administrative interface at  The standard provisioning with my speeds is to use 4 channels downstream and 1 channel upstream.  In my case, I had 1 channel downstream and 1 channel upstream.

Time Warner attempted to flash my modem several times without success.  This device was technically not on the supported devices list and that was brought up.  I purchased this device on my own instead of renting theirs – the last thing I wanted to do was purchase a new cable modem.  Fortunately I attempted the factory reset process.  Out comes the bent old paper clip to push the recessed button.

Success.  After the device reloaded, I was able to view the proper channels provisioned.


While not a revolutionary post, it was fun when the resolution was found.  Up until that point, it was quite frustrating.  Also adding as a side note, it is rather interesting the differences between “on net” and “off net” bandwidth tests…

As a bonus during our conversations, it was found some notes about what was considered good signal levels.  While certainly searchable online, I am adding the notes below for reference.

SNR: > 30dBmV

RX Power: Between -10 dBmV and 10 dBmV

TX Power: < 50 dBmV

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