First Raspberry Pi Purchase

Wow. Such a slick little system. I am surprised that I did not venture down this path a long time ago.  For about $60, you can have quite a flexible little system.  Best of all, its designed to run on Debian Linux.  For me, the cost includes the Raspberry Pi Board, a basic plastic case, and a small SD card.

My first use of the system is to setup as a multimedia server within a vehicle.  Using UPNP to service multiple devices over any desired platform is the end goal.  More on that setup as it develops.

The second use that I immediately wanted to use the system for is XBMC.  XBMC is a media “front end” that can be used to connect into UPNP, SMB/CIFS shares, as well as download free content from offline such as HGTV.  The latter is a perk for the wife since we no longer subscribe to cable/satellite or similar.

There are many other slick uses that these systems can do – anything from temperature sensors to security cameras. I certainly look forward to sharing my experiences as I venture into this product.

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