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Signing a Certificate in Cisco IOS for CUBE with TLS + SRTP

With the drive of unified communications to cloud based connectivity, a Session Border Controller (SBC) can play an important part in supporting a migration from premise equipment.  Some gateway manufactures provide a convenient Graphical User Interface (GUI), others still focus on leveraging a command line interface (CLI).  This overview will step through the generation and signing of the certificates that would be used for Tranport Layer Security (TLS) for both signaling and media within a Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE).

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Voip.ms and Cisco CUBE Configuration

Working with voip.ms for the first time was pretty straightforward. I liked the $.99/mo DID with a pay per minute session that allowed simultaneous connections across my lab SIP trunk.  After adding some funds, it appeared that their wiki page’s configuration was not working properly.  I imagine it would be a common problem, so below is the debug message that took me down the path for a successful 200 OK SIP connection as well as the correct sip-ua configuration.
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